Can Bail Bondsman Kick In Doors

There are a lot of different things that a bail bondsman can do and there are things that they can’t do.  When we watch television programs, we see them chasing after people on horseback, racing through the streets in cars and even kicking in doors to capture fugitives.  This all might look interesting and makes for great television, however, in real life, a bailbonds Vista professional doesn’t act like this.

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When you work for a company like Acme Bail Bonds, you will be expected to conduct yourself with a high level of professionalism.  Legally, a bail bondsman can enter the house of the fugitive, and if they need to use force they can technically kick in the door, however, they can not break into a house that is not associated with the fugitive even if the fugitive is hiding inside.

There are many processes and procedures that you need to follow as a bondsman.  As a bondsman you do work under a specific contract that is agreed to upon signing the bond which will also waive specific rights that would otherwise be granted under the law.  These rights will also have conditions and other attached punishments if broken.

As a bondsman you can carry a gun, wear a badge and do actions that skirt the level of the law.  However, you still have to work within the law and respect the property of others. 

If you are a fugitive understand that you will be chased until you are captured.  If you do flee, you will also be racking up additional charges against you for these infractions.  Then, when you are captured, and the odds are you will be captured, you will be spending much more time in jail as well as be denied any type of bond.