Psychiatric Work Done All Year Round

As far as the public goes, the psychiatric arm of the vast health services industry is quite possibly the less relied on. Today’s people have the tendency to soldier on if you will, and when you think of it, in wars past, particularly since the Vietnam years, commissioned officers serving as field psychiatrists have either outdone themselves or been overburdened with work. And is it not true that today’s setting resembles something of a war zone right now.

People who would not normally have gone to see a psychiatrist before are quite possibly phoning in for psychiatric services winter park referrals. Or it may be that their own general practitioners have made that referral. Because you see, they are all living in the time of the virus. It has been quite a pandemic, hasn’t it? So many more people faced with so many more problems that they never really had to face before.

Fortunately for so many more distressed patients, they are not about to be ignored. Indeed, psychiatrists may be overburdened with work right now but in the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, they’re not about to turn anyone away. And there are those centers that have now opened what you could call crisis hotlines. These are open 24/7 and people can call into them at any time whenever they are faced with a crisis that they are not able to handle on their own.

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Such calls would usually be handled with trained consultants before any new case files are opened and referred to resident clinical psychiatrists, if not them, clinical psychologists as well. Many problems can be resolved right there, just over the phone. But if it is that serious, there should be no delay in setting up a first appointment with a resident psychiatrist.